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  • Notice of Spring 2019 Election - Download
    Notice of Judicial, Municipal and School Board Elections
    April 2, 2019 Spring Election
    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at an election is to be held in the several towns, villages, cities, wards, and election districts of the State of Wisconsin, on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Download for the list of officers are to be elected.

Employment Contracts
  • 2018 - General Employees Pay Schedule - Download
    Pay Plan for employees not covered by union contract.

  • Sheriff Deputies (WPPA) Contract 2018-2019 - Download

  • Sheriff Supervisors 2018-2019 Contract - Download

  • 2017 - Annual Position Cost Report - Download

  • 2018 - Fringe Benefit Summary - Download
    The attached form provides a general listing of the fringe benefits provided to County employees.

  • 2019 - Fringe Benefit Summary - Download
    The attached form provides a general listing of the fringe benefits provided to County employees.

Energy Assistance
Farmland Preservation Plan
  • Oconto County Farmland Preservation Plan - Download

  • 2018 Recycling Drop Off Fees - Download
    Effective January 1, 2018

  • Land Division Fees - Download

  • Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule - Download

  • Register of Deeds Fee Schedule - Download

  • Sanitary Fee Schedule - Download


Financial & Budget Reports
Financial Audit Reports
  • Annual Financial Report-2006 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2007 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2008 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2009 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2010 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2011 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2012 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2013 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2014 Audit - Download

  • Annual Financial Report-2015 Audit - Download

  • Annual Finanical Report-2016 Audit - Download

  • Annual Finanical Report-2017 Audit - Download

  • FEMA NFIP Map & Zone Grandfather Rules - Download

  • Floodplain Requirements for Residential Development along Green Bay - Download

  • Floodplain Shoreland Zoning Guidebook - Download

  • Flood Insurance Rate Study - Volume II - Download

  • Flood Insurance Rate Study - Volume I - Download

  • Letter of Map Change (LOMC) - Download
    LOMC is the process, through FEMA, by which the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) can be amended or revised. This is a list of the current effective LOMC's for Oconto County.

Food Assistance
  • Oconto County Food Resources - Download
    Lists locations and dates

Foreclosure Mediation
  • Oconto County Foreclosure Mediation Process - Download

  • Oconto County Mediation Request Form - Download

  • Affidavit of Mailing - Download

  • Assessment Data Request Form - Download

  • Data Distribution Policy & Map/Data Request Form (GIS) - Download

  • Direct Deposit Form - Download

  • Financial Disclosure Statement - Download

  • Order on Petition for Waiver of Fees and Costs - Download
    If you are filing a petition to waive the costs and fees for filing and serving your motion papers, you MUST include this document with your Petition for Waiver of Fees and Costs. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS DOCUMENT. LEAVE IT BLANK AND SEND IT WITH THE COMPLETED PETITION AND YOUR MOTION PAPERS TO THE FAMILY COURT COMMISSIONER.

  • Petition for Waiver of Fees Form - Download
    Please note: Both pages of this form must be completely filled out, regardless if you are receiving State Aid or not. Thank you.

    You must also print off the Order on Petition for Waiver of Fees & Costs (above) and submit it along with this form.

  • Privacy Protection - Download

GCS Tax Information
General Information - Health & Human Services
  • Client Rights and the Grievance Procedure for Oconto County Department of Health and Human Services - Download

  • Equal Opportunity Policy Statement - Download

  • Health & Human Services Brochure - Download

  • Health & Human Services Organizational Chart - Download

  • Notice of Privacy Practices - Download

  • Oconto County Counseling & Outpatient Mental Health Services - Download

  • Service Listing - Download

General Information
  • CDBG - Citizens Participation Plan - Download

  • County Services Articles - Download
    Series of articles done for the 2013 National County Government Week describing Oconto County services and the taxes that pay for these services.

  • Federal, State & Local Toll Free Telephone Numbers - Download
    Use to inquire eligibility requirements

  • Fire Wardens - Download

  • Landowners Guide to Controlling Phragmites - Download

  • Lot Size and Structure Expansion - Download

  • NSF Check Procedure - Download

  • Overview and Classification - Download

  • Standard & Poor's Rating - AA+ - Download
    Attached is a report from Standard & Poor's that sets our financial rating at AA+.

  • Total Footprint limit for expansion of pre-existing structures - Download

  • UTV Pamphlet - Download

  • Wisconsin Deer Baiting and Wildlife Feeding Regulations - Download
    Counties where baiting and feeding of deer IS prohibited

  • WI County Forest Association - Download


Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Appointments - Certified Application Counselors - Download

Hot Weather
  • The Heat Is On - Download
    Extreme heat brings with it the possibility of heat-induced illnesses.