(WEDNESDAY) MARCH 8, 2017 - 9:00

This is an open meeting of a Standing Committee of the Oconto County Board of Supervisors. Notice of this meeting was given to the public at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting, by forwarding the complete agenda to the newspapers and to all news media who have requested the same as well as by posting. Copies of the complete agenda were available for inspection at the Office of the County Clerk and from the County's website calendar:

  1. Approval of Agenda
    1. Change of Sequence
    2. Removal of Items
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting 2/8/17 (Enc.)

  3. Communications
  4. Contract Cleaning Update
  5. On-Call Log
  6. Approval of Department Requests for Office Furniture/Equipment, If Any
  7. Beyer Home Property
  8. Building Use Application(s)
  9. Meet with Law Enforcement/Judiciary Committee at 9:30 a.m. - Update on Law Enforcement Center Project
    1. Update on Law Enforcement Center Project Progress
    2. Approval of Law Enforcement Center Change Orders
    3. Approve Purchase of Detention Area General Furniture (Enc.)
    4. Discuss Handicap Entrance into Community Training Center
    5. Discuss Hiring Moving Company
    6. Tour of the Law Enforcement Center
  10. Review & Approve Public Facilities Handbook Revisions-Presented by Corporation Counsel (Enc.)

  11. Update on District Attorney Room Expansion
  12. Discuss Re-Use of Vacated Space Due to New Law Enforcement Center
  13. Update on Signs for Courthouse
  14. Discuss Falling Ice on Building A - Northside of Building
  15. Review Pricing on Floor Replacement Building C Second Floor (Break Area)
  16. Approve RFP for Window Cleaning (Enc.)
  17. Update on Revised Maintenance Engineer Position Description (Enc.)
  18. Approve 2016 Annual Report (Enc.)
  19. Review 2016 Final Budget
  20. Approval of Vouchers for Payment
  21. Announcements/General Information (No action to be taken)
  22. Set Next Meeting Date
  23. Adjournment

Any person wishing to attend the meeting who requires special accommodations because of a disability should contact the Oconto County Clerk's office at 920-834-6800 at least 24 hours before the meeting begins so that appropriate accommodations can be made.

Person who are members of another governmental body, but who are not members of this committee, may attend this meeting. Their attendance could result in a quorum of another governmental body being present. Such a quorum is unintended and they are not meeting to exercise the authority, duties, or responsibilities of any other governmental body.

Courthouse Building “C” Located at Corner of Washington St. and Park Ave


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klg/Date Posted: March 2, 2017