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March 16, 2017 - Medication Drop Box Now In Oconto Falls

Do you have medications at home that you no longer need?  It’s important to get rid of those medications safely!  You can now drop off these medications at Oconto Falls City Hall.  The drop box is available Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Oconto County now has four medication drop boxes in these locations: Oconto Falls City Hall, Nicolet Pharmacy in Lakewood, Oconto County Sheriff’s Department and the Gillett Police Department.

Do not drop sharps/needles/syringes in any of the medication drop boxes.  To get rid of your sharps, take them to HSHS St. Clare Hospital in Oconto Falls, Oconto Pharmacy, or Nicolet Pharmacy’s counter.

What is accepted in the medication drop box?
  • Expired or unwanted prescriptions and medicine, including pills and liquids
  • Vitamins and herbal medicines
  • Pet medications
  • Over the counter medicines
NOT accepted:
  • Illegal drugs
  • Sharps, needles or syringes
  • Mercury
  • Items from businesses or long-term care facilities
When dropping medications off:
Pills in bottles: take the pills out of the bottle and pour the pills directly into the drop box, take the bottle with you and throw away somewhere else.

Pills in blister packages: take the blister package out of the outside cardboard container and drop the blister pack directly into the drop box.Throw away the cardboard container somewhere else.

Liquids: make sure the lid is closed tightly and place container in the drop box. 

The medication drop box offers a safe way to get rid of unused medications.  Flushing unused medications causes the chemicals from medications to get into our ground water.  Simply throwing unused medications in the trash could lead to accidental poisoning because children and/or pets have easy access to them.  Throwing them in the trash can also means that they could be stolen or abused.

For more information, please call Oconto County Public Health at 920-834-7000.