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February 13, 2015 - A Reason to Celebrate

We did it!

After a year of lobbying Congress, hundreds of television and newspaper interviews, hundreds of thousands of phone calls and emails, activating over 200,000 people to take action across the country, being blocked by a single Senator at the last minute in December, and then starting over again in the new Congress in January: as of 14:00 hours on Thursday, February 12th, the Clay Hunt SAV Act is finally the law of the land!

We couldn't have done it without you and your support and we want to thank you. Join our national call on Tuesday - RSVP here.

This important legislation will help reduce the 22 veterans we lose every day to suicide by improving accountability and mental health care at the VA, increasing recruitment of mental health care professionals at the VA, and creating peer support and community outreach programs for transitioning veterans. Finally, veterans who need help will be able to get it, and all because of you.

Join the conversation Tuesday with IAVA's CEO Paul Rieckhoff and special guests.

Members like you identified this problem in our 2014 member survey by showing that 40% of our members knew an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran who has died by suicide. Members like you came up with the ideas for this legislation, fought to have it named after IAVA member Clay Hunt, lobbied our legislators on Capitol Hill, and focused press attention on the issue. And in the end, it was your boots on the ground that built the largest petitioning effort we have ever undertaken that proved that the American people firmly supported us.

With today's success, so many people have asked how they can help continue this mission and we're always deeply thankful for your generous support.

Take time to celebrate today. Tell every veteran you know. Share the victory on social media (#ClayHunt, #VetsRising). Join in our discussion on Write your local newspaper and tell them about what this means to you. But most importantly, join our national call on Tuesday at 7pm. Our founder, Paul Rieckhoff, will be joined by several special guests to take your questions and talk about what this new law means for our community.

Today we celebrate. Tomorrow, we fight for our community again!