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December 1, 2017 - New Beginnings Store/Work and Training Center - Holiday Tote Raffle!

Learn about New Beginnings Store/Work and Training Center – the Little Store that does BIG things!  We are located at 230 Van Buren Street, Oconto Falls, WI.

At New Beginnings Store/Work and Training Center, we have a mission and vision to provide training opportunities to teach skills that will empower program participants and employees to learn, grow and be productive members of the community. We aspire to be viewed by the public as a support service for a variety of needs such as job skills, learning center, interview assistance and job training.  We position ourselves in a highly visible and accessible location that is convenient to donors and shoppers in order to maximize revenues while being recognized as a worthy recipient of donations.

New Beginnings Store/Work and Training Center offers on-the-job training opportunities for youth and cognitively challenged adults.  We engage at-risk youth in work experiences including job shadowing, company tours, mock interviews, volunteer projects and guest speakers.  We provide career and work readiness exercises and assistance with obtaining high school diploma, enrollment and attendance in post-secondary education or training.  We practice work and life skills such as customer service, work-place math, business communication, active listening, workplace expectations and career preparation.  Necessary resources and supports for future success are provided.

New Beginnings relies heavily on donations and fundraising throughout each year.  In order to operate efficiently, we need to hold several fundraisers throughout the year so we can continue to serve the population who are most in need.

Currently, we have an awesome deal to win! It's the 3rd Annual New Beginnings Holiday Tote Raffle. Sponsored generously by Thompson's County Market, Oconto and New Beginnings Store & Work and Training Center. Raffle tickets are $2 ea. or 3 tickets for $5. Watch for our table to buy tickets in Thompson's beginning week of Dec. 4th. Tickets will be on sale at Thompson’s County Market until 4pm Monday, Dec. 18th. Winner will be announced on Monday, December 18th after 4pm. Need not be present to win.  **Tickets will also be available through Carla Ruechel at Oconto County Health and Human Services and at the New Beginnings Store in Oconto Falls.

Each ticket gives you a chance to win a Thirty-one Utility Tote filled with a Turkey and aluminum roaster, 5 lbs. Potatoes, Gravy, Fresh Yams, Rolls, Stuffing, Cranberries, Variety Cheeses, Sausage, Crackers, Corn, Ingredients for Green Bean Casserole, Orange Jell-O, Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Thompson’s Bakery Apple and Pumpkin Pies, Cool Whip, Sugar Cookie Mix, Cookie Cutters, Sprinkles, Kitchen Towels, Crocheted Washcloth and wine! An ultimate meal at a value of $150!!  Get your tickets now and support New Beginnings – The Little Store that does BIG Things!!